From Goma to our new home in the rainforest

Our flight to Walikale is confirmed! Tomorrow, we will thus leave the city of Goma on board of a UN helicopter. This helicopter flies twice a week and is currently the only regular connection existing between Goma and the town of Walikale. Such flights exist primarily to transport Blue Helmets and important international workers from organizations like Doctors Without Borders among others, but employees working for international NGOs like the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund can also join (provided there is enough space). With the helicopter, we will be able to cross the 120 km separating the two cities in a little less than an hour. Of course, we won’t be there quite yet. It will still be a 2 hour-drive on a dirt road to reach our new home in the village of Nkuba, in the heart of the rainforest. We are very excited to get a bird’s eye view of the rainforest and hope to share some footage of the trip with you soon!

To get to our new home, will fly from Goma to Walikale and drive two hours to the Nkuba Conservation Area.
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