We have arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo!

After a few days bonding with the Rwandan team and learning all we could about the Nkuba Conservation Area, the day has come for Frederik and I to cross the border and get to Goma, in Congo (DRC). At around 14.30 this afternoon, we thus left the headquarters of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund in Musanze, Rwanda, with our trusted driver Bosco aboard a very full car. Not all of the stuff was ours though: trips to Nkuba are rare and we will take this opportunity to bring some gear along, such as tents, rain gear, camera traps, headlamps and acoustic loggers. It’s a one-hour drive to the border checkpoint between Rwanda and Congo, called the Grande Barriere. A few formalities later, we finally set foot in Congo. There, we were greeted by our new boss and Congo Program Director, Urbain Ngobobo and our new colleague Michael as well as by a stunning view of the Lake Kivu (which we can admire from our room in the city of Goma). In two days, we will be heading to our final destination, Nkuba, so stay in touch!

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