As conservation scientists, we have dedicated both our careers and free time to contribute to conserving biodiversity all over the world. For scientists like us, this often means that we use our scientific knowledge to inform conservation in its many forms, particularly conservation management in the field or conservation policy. In this section of the blog, we would like to give you a glimpse of our scientific achievements and share some of the most interesting projets and information we have contributed to generate, along with other scientists!

Receiving our PhD at the University of Antwerp (March 2020)

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  • Reconciling biodiversity conservation with ecosystem services to save rare Andean forests
    Protected areas are important tools to conserve biodiversity. As they are often located in populated areas, protected areas are increasingly expected to also provide ‘ecosystem services’. Ecosystem services are the many benefits given by nature to humans. Most of these services, like the provision of food, clean air and water, resources like wood or medicine[…]